Saturday, 11 October 2014

Club Sessions restart on Tuesday 14 October - Yay!

Hopefully everyone is ready to get back in the pool after a break for the school holidays.  Club sessions start again on Tuesday night at 6pm.  Squad swimming starts on Monday at 5:30pm for Gold and Dynamos and 6pm for Bronze.

There have been some changes to groups and times for some swimmers - we had some late registrations that left some lanes overfull and we had some swimmers in the wrong groups for their age and ability.  A new club timetable will be emailed to all swimmers - please check your lane, time and coach and talk to Anna or Viv if you are concerned about any changes for the swimmers at your house.

We have split the hour groups 3 ways (there were only 2 groups last term) - the level of these swimmers is pretty similar across the groups so we have tried to ensure that we are catering for a better age group mix and that we have reduced numbers a little in the lanes to make it easier for the coach and swimmers.

We have two exciting events coming up
Ribbon Night - Tuesday 21 October, 6pm - All swimmers have a go at racing try to beat your personal best time to take home a ribbon.  (Lane 1 6pm swimmers will be able to use fins if needed)
Spring Carnival - Saturday 1 November - Cromwell hosts the annual Spring Carnival meet and we would love a big team of club swimmers to attend. (suitable for swimmers who can swim 50 metre events)

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